Finishing 2019 with a heavy heart?

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As I am finishing the year, my mind is packed with lessons, experiences, and information that does not equal my level of effort.

My heart remains heavy for the burden I carry. An unwavering blaze of a passion that is tied to a dream.

I still struggle with the thought of being in debt to live to my fullest potential.

Yes, I have had great achievements this year. Some I still stand in awe with.

But no, there must be more. Not from out there, but from in here - Inside my soul.

What is the problem? I ask myself

I know I have worked hard.

I know I have given my best.

I know I have absorbed lessons along the way.

I know I have followed my heart

But I also know I have been scared.

I know I have worked under the fear of the unknown

I know I have chosen to put my best only in the comfort zone

Oooh I know I am scared to go into the deep

I m scared. I am so scared that maybe I am still not ready, perhaps I need to keep waiting, I tell myself.

I know I have tried to follow the still voice in my heart. But ooh I have only peeked over the door without opening it wide and boldly walk in.

I am scared. And unless I admit that, I will continuously cover my fear with heavy excuses. With excuses that will make me buy into the thought that I am not ready and I have to keep waiting.

This unwavering blaze of a passion that is tied to a dream has now turned into a constant mind battle in my head!

When I compare this dream to the real world It is a wonderland. In my heart, head, and mind it haunts me. It tortures me. It wants to be manifested in real life.

I try to ignore it. Sometimes I succeed, but it is only temporary. The more I run away, the louder it gets, It doesn’t stop. It grows louder over the years. Some days, when I am swamped with my daily routes and life and bills and deadlines, it grows quite. When I feel sad and broken and without direction, it gently whispers with a hope and a revelation as a reminder of my true potential and who I really am.

It tells me I am great. I am powerful. My potential is limitless. It tells me I deserve a seat at the table. Sometimes it even goes to the extreme and be like, “ You can even make your own table honey!”. It tells me I am unstoppable. Sometimes I believe it. Sometimes I laugh, thinking “Oooh it can’t be”

And so I have decided.

This mediocre level of living is not for me.

And if you resonate with the experience I just shared and you are looking for inspiration, then here it is; You were made for more!

I know you’ve heard this, and so have I. But once in a while we need a reminder aye:

You were made for jaw-dropping accomplishments, your existence and potential is enough proof of that. You were made to do stuff that no other human being on earth or mars can. Things that will go down the line of history from generation to generation. You were made for impact.

Let me tell you.

Here is the thing about impact. It is felt. It shakes vigorously or swiftly. Like an earthquake, impact is experienced. Your existence MUST leave this world different. Slightly or massively.

It is high time, we open wide this door. This door that calls out to us, this door that whispers and tells us this is what we ought to do.

It is high time we take off that shame, guilt, and disappointment we’ve carried with for so long.

Now is the time to come out from fear. From the wait. From the longing of acceptance and approval!

At this moment, the new cool is accepting ourselves first 😎

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” — 1 Peter 2:9

Let’s rock 2020. Give it all we’ve got.

To begin with, here is a song to keep you going.

Happy holidays Fam.

Until then,


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