A man with twenty challenges is twice as alive than a man with ten. I could say the same is true with Continents!

Africa, I see your true colors. By Xjorieke

Ooh Africa! I glance at your beauty and I stay in awe of all that you are. The thought that I am part of you gives me pride and joy yet leaves me with endless questions. Why are you so beautiful yet so insecure? why are you so rich, yet so poor? Why are you so unique yet you are settling for how others define you?

Africa, you are full of challenges. Challenges like no other. But the way I see it, these challenges are blessings in disguise, there are here to mold you into qualifying you to what has been given to you. Until you choose to learn, you will be exploited for as long as your people shall live. As the saying goes; a lesson is repeated until it is learned.

I don’t want to speak about these problems. I just know every problem has in it a seed of its own solution. And because more is been given to Africa, more will be demanded.

Africa, you have come a long way to where you are. You have survived the worst unimaginable circumstances. The verge of colonialism has only made you stronger. You have survived countless years of slavery, racism and even the color line. And yes without forgetting epidemic diseases, hunger, poverty, war, and even poor leadership. But here you are, still standing. Rising up with every fall, every loss, every massacre. What a beauty!

The Africa I see is the Africa that is becoming. The strength, the courage and the character that has been developed through it all is Africa’s most strongest weapon that will aid Africa with whatever she needs to accomplish.

I see Africa packed with an army of rising youth from the far south in Cape town to the very north in Tripoli. An army of youth striving to grow, striving to reach their dreams. Youth who will not let their struggles and circumstances define how they end up in life.

I see a handful of political leaders who are on the front line fighting selflessly for democracy, for authenticity and for integrity in their leadership. Risking their lives yet preserving their dignity for the people that have trusted them in their respective countries.

I see a pack of business men from every corner of the continent, who are spontaneously accumulating enough for themselves and their own and those that work for them, hence radically building a better standard of living for their communities.

I see the rise of tech geeks and nerds who are passionate about technology and how much solutions they can create inline to that knowledge.

I see the brilliant minds that are scrambling to maintain outstanding grades in their classrooms, studying with all their hearts, believing that they will one day serve their continent as doctors, engineers, lawyers and pilots.

I see those that find riches in what the Land of Africa can produce. Relentlessly working to feed their families, nations and the world. I see these farmers doing their craft with style and class.

I see teachers, firefighters, bankers, policemen, doctors and nurses, the maids,the doormen and the drivers waking up every weekday of their lives. Working on their 8:5 jobs with faith and hope and a vision of the future that they are creating for their children and children’s children.

I see Africa that is yearning for change, for a difference, for a better place, for a better tomorrow.

Oh we are getting there. It may seem slow, it may seem still, but there is movement.

Regardless of who you are and what you are doing in this continent, you matter. Your grit and hard work are of vast significance. Keep running, be faithful and always give your very best. Don’t grow weary, you are part of the story. Your mother land is counting on you.

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