You Don’t Need To Work Harder, You Need To Be More Excited About Work.

“You always have energy Jocelyne”

This has been a compliment and sometimes a critic whenever I meet someone new!

Why really do I have such energy? 😂

How do I have all this energy? I even wonder why!

In the following paragraphs, I have tried to articulate why I do everything with energy and how it affects my effectiveness and the people around me. But here is a favorite quote to begin with,

How can you move faster than possible? Fight longer than possible? without the most powerful impulse: the fear of death.

Dk. Myles Munroe speaks about how mankind is powerless before death. However, the only way we can cheat death is by living a life of significance, impact, and purpose. Only then, will we have cheated death!

The people who go furthest in life are excited about something. Being excited allows you to do your work with energy like no other. And energy gets things done!

You just cannot go about your day to day whereabouts like a sloth! (No offense)

Source: Tenor

How you approach work begins way before you start working. It begins with your why. Why are you doing it in the first place?

If you do not like what you are doing, but you have to do it for the money, then it is not the end. You have to learn to find excitement in what you do.

Myles Munroe says if your why is powerful enough, you will always find a possible how!

Sometimes you will have to look hard. But if you look hard enough, you will eventually find it. Find what is most exciting about your work.

And once you do. Hold onto it. Cling to it. because you will need it when things get tough

When you look for what entices you, your perspective and attitude will dramatically change as you approach your daily responsibilities.

You will grow to love what you do. You will want to face what challenges you the most. And more importantly, you will do your work with more energy.

It won’t feel like drudgery, it will be something you look forward to.

Just so you know, crowds respond to the electricity that a person generates when they walk into a room, address a crowd, deliver a speech, or just work for their cause. Enthusiasm becomes a catalyst for change when it is sincere. Greatness demands enthusiasm.

As you are in this journey of life, add energy, and observe the difference.

Until next time,





Me? Extrovert |Leadership enthusiast| Jesus Freak

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Jocelyne Msigwa

Jocelyne Msigwa

Me? Extrovert |Leadership enthusiast| Jesus Freak

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